Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

Traditionally buttock augmentation was done  using synthetic implants. A Brazilian butt lift is less invasive than traditional butt implants. The procedure utilizes excessive fat tissue from the areas such as the hips, waist, tummy, and thighs and uses it to add volume to the buttocks. The aesthetic results are fuller, shapelier buttocks and a thinner waist.

Am I a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

If you are in good health and want to improve the appearance of your buttocks, trunk and lower body, you are an excellent candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. Common donor sites include the abdomen, back, or thighs.

What should I expect during Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

In a Brazilian butt lift ,the fat is harvested via tiny incisions in the skin, similar to liposuction . The fat is concentrated and cleaned. Small syringes are then used to inject, sculpt, and enhance the butt’s shape and size – using your very own body fat. Liposuction around the hips and thighs is used to further sculpt and highlight a more pleasing shape to the butt giving a beautiful curve to the body.

What post-operative instructions will I need to follow?

Post the procedure the swelling and discoloration usually decreases in 6-8 weeks. You will need to avoid sitting on your backside for long periods of time for at least two weeks. You will also need to sleep on your abdomen or side at night for the first four weeks to allow your body to form blood vessels in the transferred fat and prevent any unfavourable shape irregularities.

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