Mommy Makeover (Me Makeover)

“Mommy, Mommy” it’s been years since you’ve been hearing this, having elevated yourself from a woman to a full time mother, yes we all know it’s a full time job despite your career. When did “me” go out of the window and “mommy” become what you are defined by. Your body has changed over the years, remember that pre motherhood body? Pregnancies and lactation has literally and figuratively deflated your body and you, having lost the youthfulness and tone of the younger days. Is it time for these battle scars to go away and bring back the woman you used to be, be it for your husband or most importantly just for yourself – A Me Makeover.

An older mother like you, despite working out, trying a ton of different diets and doing everything possible, loosing all that fat on the abdomen, you still end up having poor abdominal tone & excess skin with a deflated breast with years of lactation and nipples pointing downwards. Those stubborn areas of fat on the lower abdomen, flanks which refuse to go away. It’s time to get your old self back.

A Me Makeover is a tummy tuck, breast lift and liposuction done together to give a beautiful balance to your body. The tummy tuck makes your abdominal muscles tighter and removes that excess skin from your abdomen. A breast lift makes the breasts more perky and lifts the nipples to a pre-pregnancy state. A breast lift does not add volume but if volume is desired, an implant with a lift can be done. Liposuction of those stubborn areas like the flanks, lower abdomen to shape your body.

Now that you have the desire, take a decision to a new you!